Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Source, by Matthew Williams, in its entirety

Well, its official!  After many years of tinkering and incessantly adding to it, my submission for Project 14: Dark Futures, has grown into a full length story.  I am in the process of making it available here for viewing since it's a tHP baby and I would love comments, reviews, or just plain criticisms from anyone affiliated with the Herscher Project.  It is my hope that this might become a published work someday, hopefully part of a series of works that deal with speculative sci-fi.  I already have some other ideas in the works, but I must get this one finished before I can even begin to think about them!
Thanks in advance to anyone who reads it and don't hesitate to leave comments.  I promise to offer my own services as reviewer and critic as well, wherever it is desired.