tHP Members in Print

Books by Chris Jackson

Scimitar Series
Scimitar Moon Scimitar SunScimitar’s Heir
By blood, by wind, by water and wave, loyal as one, or a watery grave… An oath to build a nation of pirates, and none oppose them but a girl with a ship that can sail faster than the wind. The vile pirate lord, Bloodwind, has been vanquished, and Cynthia Flaxal has everything she always dreamed of: the mystical powers of a seamage, a successful shipyard, the love of Feldrin Brelak, and a soon-to-be-born heir. But trouble roils both above and below the waves. Cynthia and Feldrin desperately pursue the mer who have stolen their son. They seek the floating city of Akrotia, forsaken a thousand years ago, which the mer aspire to restore to enchanted glory with the life of the child. And along the way Cynthia must persuade the powerful young pyromage, Edan, to help, not hinder, their quest.
Cornerstones Trilogy
Zellohar NekdukarrJundag
Book 1 of The Cornerstones Trilogy: The saga of those who whould oppose the most vile clan of the worshipers of the Dark Gods: Clan Darkmist… Book 2 of The Cornerstones Trilogy: The Nekdukar Iveron Darkmist pursues the Cornerstones, and war ensues…Book 3 of The Cornerstones Trilogy: Jundag lives, but to save him, his friends must go to hell...
Weapon of Flesh A Soul for Tsing Death Mask
Forged from flesh…And magic. Made to kill…But not to feel. A weapon, forged for an Emperor…A Paladin's soul…And a girl trying to save her mother, by any means possible… Azrael is dead.
The most terrible Necromancer the world ever knew has at last succumbed to the call of his own trade, and all of his foul works have fallen into ruin.
Cheese Runners Series
Cheese Runners Cheese Rustlers Cheese Lords
Audio Book with Jeffrey Breslauer doing the voices.
He really nailed it!
Audio Book with Jeffrey Breslauer doing the voices.
Another audio triumph!
Audio Book with Jeffrey Breslauer doing the voices.
The series finale!

Books by Gail Z. Martin

Chronicles of the Necromancer
The Summoner The Blood King
An outlaw prince must master his untested spirit magic to avenge his family, unseat a usurper and keep an ancient evil from escaping the abyss. In the sequel to The Summoner, Tris Drayke races against time to gain the skills he needs to challenge his half-brother Jared for the throne of Margolan and defeat the dark mage Arontala before the Obsidian King can be loosed from the abyss.
Chronicles of the Necromancer
Dark Haven Dark Lady’s Chosen
Undead forces align against Lord Jonmarc Vahanian of Dark Haven as King Martris Drayke prepares for war. Only one thing is certain—the Winter Kingdoms will be changed forever, and innocence is the first casualty.
Fallen Kings Cycle
As plague and famine scourge the winter kingdoms, a vast invasion force is mustering from beyond the northern seas. And at its heart, a dark spirit mage wields the blood magic of ancient, vanquished gods.

Books by Frank Creed

The Underground Series
Flashpoint War of Attrition
Calamity Kid and e-girl rush to save their home church members from “re-education” by the One-State--Bible-believing Christians are now considered terrorists! Set in the Chicago Metroplex, 2036, one month after Flashpoint ends, the Unholy Trinity as "jesus", codenamed
Nasty Nero recovers and comes after Calamity Kid and company with fresh fury. And, what is the fate of Legacy?

Books by Richard Svensson

The Girl who Married a Werewolf
Did you ever hear about the girl who married a werewolf? Or the man who was flayed by the Devil? What about the woman who was suckled to death by her own, dead baby? No..? You may have heard them if you were raised in Sweden, but even if you weren't, you're about to have them told to you now. Within the pages of this little book you'll find 17 Swedish folktales that are weird, eerie and downright creepy! They're educational too. You'll learn how to get a snake out of your belly, how to blow up a troll, and why you should avoid men with green beards. And if that isn't useful information, I don't know what is.

Anthologies which include work by tHP Members

A Fantasy Writers International Book A Lost Genre Guild Book
Tales for the Thrifty Barbarian Light at the Edge of Darkness Residential Aliens
An anthology of high fantasy edited by Cynthia MacKinnon. Contributors are members of Fantasy Writers
International, a group of talented writers gleaned from the world’s largest fantasy/ sci-fi site
Anthology of Christian speculative fiction by various authors featuring Canadian Horror writer A.P. Fuchs
and Lost Genre Guild founder Frank Creed.
Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars. Edited by Lyndon Perry, these stories range from sci-fi and fantasy to thriller and supernatural.
Two Books by CyberAliens Press
Strange Worlds of Lunacy A Fistful of Hollars
A compilation of the funniest fantasy and sci-fi humor in the galaxy. More than 30 short stories, limericks and poems by break out authors and seasoned veterans that will have you laughing so hard you'll wet your… Howdy Pardner, step right on up for a belly full of laughs and a pot 'o beans! We aim ta get ya laughin', hollerin' and whoopin' so hard ya'll won't know which way's up from Sunday.
Tatoo Christmas in Illinois Superlative Tales
Tatoo: an anthology by students, alumni, and friends of the University of Canberra, Australia. (Edited by Francesca Rendle-Short. Elizabeth Fitzgerald, contributing author) “Christmas seems to have been always with us. It is that time of year when we expect good cheer and goodwill, a moment's respite from the year's vicissitudes, solace during difficult times,” writes James Ballowe in his introduction to Christmas in Illinois. This book is about the holiday as remembered by Illinoisans. Some are widely familiar--John W. Allen, Gwendolyn Brook (Carolyn Neal, contributing author) In July of 1947, Superlative Publications, based in Streator, Illinois, released a new pulp magazine by the name of Superlative Tales. Now, for the first time in 60 years, Ink & Feathers Comics is releasing the pulp that time forgot! Complete with original ads, art, and layouts, Superlative Tales is truly a blast from the past! (Andy Bowers, contributing author)
Free Amazons of Darkover
A collection of short stories written by fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Darkover" series, edited by Ms. Bradley herself. (Maureen Shannon contributing author)
Illustrated by Richard Svensson Contains art by Lisa EshkanaziContains illustrations by Cecily Webster
Nighship to NeverNot All Kings Wear GoldThe Phantom Queen Awakens
For those that enjoy fantasy, science fiction or poetry, David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans present a collection of speculative poetry.A full-color artbook featuring the world, characters, and illustrations from Not All Kings Wear Gold by Adele Lorienne, Kelly Kilbourn, and other contributing artists.The Phantom Queen, goddess of death, love and war, returns to strike fear into the hearts of mortals in this anthology. Meet a washerwoman on the shores of the river; cleaning the clothes of the soon-to-be-dead; try to bargain with the capricious goddess of war; hear the songs of the dead as they cry for justice; walk with heroes of the past. Revisit the world of the Celts; a land of mystical beauty, avarice, lust and war through stories told by Katharine Kerr, C.E. Murphy, Elaine Cunningham and Anya Bast, among many other talented authors.