tHP Project List

Volume 1
Project 01Four Words (Aim/Boon/Decay/Wise)
Project 02The Deities of Mythology
Project 03Death Knocks
Project 04It's About Time!
Project 05Wonders of the World
Project 06Oz Never Gave Nothin' To The Tinman...
Project 07Aftermath
Volume II
Project 08The When That Wasn't
Project 09Love Potion #9 (Soulmates Revisited)
Project 10The Wuthering
Project 11Careful What You Wish For...
Project 12By The Numbers (Everway art)
Volume III
Project 13Triskaidekaphobia
Project 14Dark Futures
Project 15Aging, Ascents, & Entropies
Project 16The Hunters and the Hunted
Project 17Dragon's Breath
Project 18Urban Legends
Project 19The Gift of Vision (M:tG art)
Project 20Through the Looking Glass
Project 21Pretty Paper, Ribbons and Bows
Volume IV
Project 22With Angels Watching Over
Project 23Into the Fiery Furnace
Project 24Jailhouse Rock
Project 25The Laws of Magic
Project 26Omnipotence
Project 27The Ghost in the Machine
Project 28Fear's Playground
Project 29To Make a Long Story Short...
Project 30Unexpected Heroes
Volume V
Project 31June 2508: Stoned to Death
Project 32Get A Grip
Project 33Buccaneers, Privateers, & Pirates
Project 34Show Us Whatcha Got! (The Clayton/Kabiri Experiment)
Project 35The Darkness Within
Project 36Rebellion!
Project 37For Those Who Know the Truth
Volume VI
Project 38Vice and Virtue
Project 39Within the Walls
Project 40Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
Project 41Let the Games Begin!
Project 42The Meaning of Life
Project 43Truisms and Clich├ęs
Project 44Name That Tune
Volume VII
Project 45My Stepmother Is An Alien
Project 46Getting Into Gear
Project 47Mix'n'Match
Project 48Homecoming
Project 49Frost
Project 50Family Matters
Project 51Climate Change!
Project 52Deck of Cards
Project 53"Watch Me Pull A _____ Out Of My Hat!" (Saana's Project)
Project 54Flirting With Disaster
Project 55Triptych
Volume VIII
Project 56The Year was 1956
Project 57Food for the Soul
Project 58Songs from the Wood
Project 59The Wildest West
Project 60So this elf walks into a bar...
Volume IX
Project 61Spin me a Tale
Project 62In Black & White
Project 63TBD
Project 64TBD
Project 65TBD
Other Projects
Project 69House of Dreams
Project 86Puissance of Insanity